When do I call a Marin moving company?  When you first find out you need to move!  One of the best things you can do is call the Marin moving  company the day you find out you need to move.  If the Marin moving company asks the right questions, they can help to guide you to what your next step should be preparing for your move.  What date do you need to be out of your old place?  Are you having any work done by contractors at your destination (new home)?  Will the new floor be dry on moving day?  Are you going to be packing your own household articles into boxes?  Do you have time?  Some of these questions help to prepare for a move.  The Marin moving company can guide you to when you might get an estimate from them.  Too soon, and there may be too much time in-between and the moving company may miss some of the details of your move come moving day.  Too late, and you may not get a spot on the moving company’s calendar.  A general rule of thumb is about 3-4 weeks.  If you have many logistics that are uncertain, then perhaps wait 2-3 weeks to call your moving company.  The sooner you get started, the easier it will be!  One shelf, one call, one box per day…taped up, neat and tidy and ready to go.  Organized and efficient will help to keep the costs of your move down.  Make The Easy Move.com


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